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Wyoming CattleWomen

Across the country, CattleWomen volunteers promote beef and industry understanding to both adult and youth consumers via trade shows, demonstrations, media, fairs, classes and one-on-one.

Wyoming Cattle Country

The number of people involved in the cattle business continues to shrink each year. Our voices need to be heard locally and nationally as part of a united group to promote the beef industry.


Wyoming CattleWomen bring the best of volunteerism to the beef industry!

Beef Ambassador Program

The National Beef Ambassador Program strives to provide an opportunity for youth to educate consumers and students about beef nutrition, food safety & stewardship practices of the beef community.

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Wyoming Cattle Women


June 1, 2016 - 10:00 am

Larami, WY


WSGA Seeks Rangeland Internship Mentors for 2016

WSGA is seeking interested ranches to participate in hosting and mentoring rangeland interns for the summer of 2016 from the beginning of June to the end of August. This internship is modeled to give rangeland and resource management students an opportunity to learn hands on techniques through a ranchers perspective and work done on the operation daily. Our goal is to give the ranchers/operators perspective to resource management to interns who may work for a private resource management company, a conservation district, BLM or USFS.

This internship is not solely a ranch hand position, but an interactive educational experience. Approved Interns are expected to help with daily ranch chores that incorporate resource management techniques (i.e., rotational grazing—moving cattle by horseback or 4-wheeler, etc.). Some interns may have limited to no experience on a ranching operation and we ask mentors to keep safety in mind and help them learn. Mentors are responsible for providing a safe educational experience, room and board, opportunity to use washer/ dryer and good internet connection. Interns receive a monthly stipend from WSGA for $1,600 per month and are required to send weekly work summaries with photos. Interns are matched with mentors based on educational goals, personality, resource management techniques they are interested in and what they want to learn more about such as controlling invasive plant species, fencing for riparian areas, rotational grazing, habitat analysis or stocking rates for pastures.

If you are interested or would like more information please contact Haley Lockwood at 307.638.3942 or haley@wysga.org.

Additional information can also be found at http://www.wysga.org/rangelandinternshipprogram.aspx on the WSGA website under Programs & Partners.

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Wyoming CattleWomen is a group of dedicated individuals who believe that the livestock industry is of basic importance to world existence. Our objective is to develop educational awareness about BEEF and to promote a better understanding of the various roles the beef industry plays in the environment and the national economy.

Wyoming CattleWomen bring the best of volunteerism to the beef industry. We are active in education, beef promotion and industry issues. We are affiliated with the American National CattleWomen and support a number of their national projects. Wyoming CattleWomen work closely with the Wyoming Beef Council, WY Stock Growers Association, Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom as well as local Cow-Belle/CattleWomen organizations.

Organized on June 6, 1940 as Wyoming's Cow-Belles, the original group was headed by Charlotte Snodgrass and consisted of ladies who wanted to do more for the livestock industry. In 1992 our name changed to Wyoming CattleWomen, Inc. to reflect the more professional organization we have become. The primary goal of Wyoming CattleWomen has not changed throughout the years -- to maintain and increase the demand for beef and to promote a positive image of our industry.


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